This is a unique service offering to our customers. Saradox, jointly with our customers, conceptualise, develop, cost and manufacture gift packs for all gift occasions. Our factory teams manufacture and assemble between 250 000 and 500 000 gift packs per annum. During peak periods the factory employs a special group of seasonal workers that are trained to work and assemble the intricate components of various personal care gift packs.

Planning for the Christmas season already starts 12 months before gift have to be delivered to our customers. This ensure that gifts are delivered on time and that possible delays in the supply chain will not affect the delivery for the festive seasons.

Gift ideas and final concepts are properly travel tested to ensure the packed gifts can withstand the tough handling withing the retail supply chain.

Contact us to help your compnay make a success if your gifting events. Cost-effective well selling gifts is a brilliant addition to a retail chain, with completive cost  offerings to imported gifts.