Processing plant

The primary focus at Saradox manufacturing is ensuring processing integrity of the product the will be filled into a container. To facilitate this Saradox has state of the art processing equipment, that ensure products are mixed and processed in a closed environment without the risk of external contamination.

Our processing plants can manufacture a range liquid gel, creams, butters, paste, scrubs, personal and home-care products.  Batch sizes can vary from 50kg to 1300kg depending on the product and customer requirements. 

The processing plant consist of:

  • Vacuum contra-mix processing vessels for hot and cold processing.
  • Cold processing mixing vessel with high-speed mixers and high shear mixers.
  • Chilled processing mixers for fragrances, and spritzers

We ensure our processing plants always have excess capacity in order to meet customer and promotional demand at all times.

The processing unit also has a small pilot plant where small trial batches of 30 to 100kg can be manufactured. This is ideal for small batch manufacturing and high value products like face care productsd etc.

Filling and Packing

Saradox has a number of filling and packing lines.

The factory has the capacity to fill and pack liquids, cream, lotions, pastes and spritzers. Packing formats range from bottles, jars, tubes, doy pouches, shrink wraps and vacuum packs. Al units packed can be labelled or sleeved.

Bath Bomb manufacturing

Saradox has a bath bomb manufacturing division. Our team can manufacture individual units for customers and also do manufacturing in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many bath bombs are used in the assembling of gift packs.   

Gift Packing

Saradox has a large dedicated gift packing and assembly facility. Our teams pack more than 500 000 individual gift packs for customers annually.