Saradox offers a product development service to customers who are looking to launch new products into the market. We have extensive experience in the development of personal and homecare product formulations. We also partner with our raw material suppliers to stay on the forefront of new and exciting raw materials that have been developed for the type of products we manufacture.

Based on an initial brief customer are supplied with a few test formulations. Based on customer requirements we will manufacture samples for markets test. Once the correct formula has been selected, we will conduct the required stability formulation test to make sure the formula is stable with the required packaging and well as robust enough to meet logistics, supply chain and shelf-life requirements as specified by the customer. Once the product has passed stability and travel tests, we will conduct in-plant manufacturing trials using our pilot manufacturing plant. If the customer approves the trial manufactured samples, the product manufacturing processes are confirmed and the products is ready for launch manufacturing. This product development and formulation certification process can take 9-12 months.